Let the writing pressure itself push the ink out?

space pen

If the space pen is pure physical structured, it can be cycle used with the ink. So why not replace the gas plug by the one way valve based structure, and let the writing pressure itself push the ink out?

  • your designed pen may can not fit many other environment. if the place don’t have any gas or liquid something, the pen can’t work. if the one way valve breaks, cause it can connect with outside environment, and you can’t control what outside environment is, it is dangerous.

    • ys

      Yes, you are right. In a vacuum the pen can only work via the capillary action. That’s apparently not a good idea. Because when the gravity is upside down, the capillary action may not have the ability to force the ink out.
      You talk about the valve’s security problem, I think that is another story. Why the valves should break when you even don’t know how it is built? I just want to present a idea about the mechanism and principle, not a complete product.